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Early the next morning the mounted police
came galloping in from Duck Lake, to search the
camp for Almighty Voice. They went into
Spotted Calf's lodge and searched every inch of
the placeóbut oneófor their escaped prisoner.
In a corner of the lodge was a pile of provisions
covered over with blankets and buffalo robes.
Almighty Voice was lying concealed beneath
these robes with his eye beaded down the barrel
of a rifle that barely pointed from one of the
folds of the blankets. Not once did the mounted
police go near this pile of blankets, which was

After the mounted police had departed Al-
mighty Voice left the One Arrow camp with his
fifteen-year-old wife and made for the Kenistino
Reserve in the North. He took with him a
muzzle-loader and two horses.

The mounted police, world-famous for their
unrelenting efficiency as man-hunters, imme-
diately dispatched Sergeant C. C. Colebrook and
a half-breed scout to retake their prisoner, cost
what it may.

North they went, along a fresh trail which they
presumed Almighty Voice and his young wife had

One morning, as they were riding through a
lonely stretch of the North Country, they heard
a gun shot. Spurring their horses forward and